STEK is an initiative of Ateliers Hessing & Brunings. Patricia Hessing, Ifke Brunings (founders of STEK) and Jasper Westebring, designers, deal with concept, design, marketing and sales. We have been designing our working and living environment for the past 15 years. Our aim is to make people feel good doing the things they do every day. From this design practice sprouted the idea of our own line of childrens' furniture: cheeky, unpretentious, bold and long lasting.

We started our own production of robust, wooden childrens' furniture in 2009. Simply designed to sit and play with. Different experts select our first-rate materials and take care of production and assembly. Together we guarantee honest production methods, craftsmanship and quality.

From the start we have always been convinced that our products should be sustainable. That means we are forever searching for better ways to produce, paint, assemble and transport our furniture. New materials are looked into, and different ways of producing and colouring, while preserving the unique STEK look-and-feel. We are now on the verge of presenting our new collection, which is stained instead of painted, can be flat-packed and assembled using 1 single tool. That means no more glue, a smaller transportation footprint: less impact on the environment.

To us it is important that these pieces fit in any room, any atmosphere. And definitely that they are pieces to keep for nieces, nephews and grand children, because we feel that especially items like this should not be discarded and become more beautiful with use. That is why we pay extra care and attention to the quality of our products: timeless furniture that lasts forever, for the price of about half a years' worth of childrens' shoes!

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